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Oceans Below Production “Visions in Blue” wins 2 prizes in October!
Written by Elisabeth   
Thursday, 26 December 2013 11:50

This past October I submitted our underwater video production “Visions in Blue” to Silently, the Short underwater movie festival Belgrade / Nečujno FKPF Beograd and to the FMISM(Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine).


We are very proud to announce that in Belgrade, “Visions in Blue” won the Jury Award “Best of the Best” and in the Festival in Antibes, France (FMISM), our underwater production won the Dimitri Rebikoff Prize for Innovation!


The World Festival of Underwater Pictures (FMISM) takes place every year in late October or early November. The event, which lasts five days, is opened to the public and includes film screenings, slideshows in competitions, photo and video exhibitions and conferences. Winning works make a year-round  Festival Worldwide tour. FMISM is to the magical undersea world, what Cannes is to the glitzy movie business: a film festival where being seen is significant, and winning is a true honor.

To watch “Visions in Blue” click here...



Filming Great Whites in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico
Written by Elisabeth   
Thursday, 12 September 2013 14:28

On the 2nd of August I took a break from teaching the BSAC Pro Underwater Video courses at Oceans Below and, once more, packed  my heavy Sony EX1R camera, Gates Housing with my new Phantom wide-angle dome port and a lot of neoprene to go on a thrilling trip to Guadalupe Island in Mexico. It’s long been a goal of mine to film the most impressive creature in the ocean- The Great White Shark!

Koh Tao-Oceans Below- Elisabeth- Films-Great White-
Close-up with a  Great White

After a long trip from Koh Tao via Bangkok, Shanghai, San Francisco, San Diego and Ensenada, we finally boarded the Nautilus Explorer for a 22 hour sail to Isla Guadalupe. It wasn’t easy with all the camera equipment but it proved to be worth the effort. Guadalupe Island hosts one of the most prolific populations of Great Whites on the planet. The water temperature was 21 degrees and the visibility was 20-30 meters on most of the dives. And, thankfully, the “Whiteys” came to play!

Oceans-Below-Video-Productions-underwater-Great White

While in the States, Shark Week showed numerous graphic shows designed to scare the daylights out of people, the truth about sharks is that they are a magnificent, inquisitive animal which pose little risk to humans. That said, we were diving in a cage! But being in the water with and filming these majestic creatures was amazing.

Professional Underwater Videographer, Elisabeth, taking a peek outside the cage

On the 3 days of diving, I did 15 cage dives of 45 minutes each and was never let down. I was able to film at least one Great White Shark and often filmed two or three. They are curious animals and were very interested in checking us out, oftentimes even bumping our cage! It was an absolute thrill! I was able to collect some great stock footage and I made this short video.


Pro-Underwater-videographer-cage diving

We’ll be looking for new destinations to feed our shark habit and can’t wait to see them again in the future!

Oceans Below and PADI Join Forces!
Written by Elisabeth   
Tuesday, 16 July 2013 10:16

In April, Oceans Below Koh Tao's production team was approached by PADI Director of Marketing, Danny Dwyer, and asked to produce 2 promotional videos for distribution throughout the world. So in May, Lisa, Jahawi and I stuck our heads together and came up with some concepts for a PADI Go Dive and a PADI Go Pro Video.

Oceans-Bel0W-production-team-Koh Tao
On location with the Oceans Below Production team and PADI

The first one we filmed and edited was the PADI Go Pro promotional video. The objective was to put together a movie which would get people excited and enthusiastic about the lifestyle of a PADI Dive Instructor and to show how gratifying it can be to work in the dive industry. For this production  we focused on PADI Dive Instructor, Krista, who did an amazing job! We put together a little slice-of-life movie about what she does in the course of her workday. With PADI Regional Manager, Tim Hunt, taking care of all of our production needs and the support of various dive centers on the island, we produced a video that has been well-received by the PADI team as well as the membership! Watch the PADI Go Pro production here...

PADI promo photo shoot with a whaleshark!

In the Go Dive promo video, we showcased a PADI Open Water student as she made her way through the training. We focused on the excitement and adventure of the course and the beauty of the underwater world. The music for both films was composed by Oceans Below Videographer and sound man, Jahawi, while Lisa and I took care of the filming and editing of the videos. Have a look here at the Go Dive video...

We shot the underwater portion of the videos between Aow Leuk and Sail Rock and were lucky enough to be able to include our encounter with a whaleshark!

It was a really fun assignment and hopefully the first of many that we will be able to shoot for this great training organization. Special thanks to Tim Hunt, Danny Dwyer and the many PADI members who were involved in the project!