Underwater videography prize at the 2014 world shootout

Another Prize for Oceans Below at the 2014 World Shootout

In August, I submitted my new UV Underwater video production Wonders of Other Worlds to The World Shoot Out 2014.

Today, I found out it has won 2nd place! The prize, 2 high quality Hydronalin MOLI 1400SF Underwater Video lights, will come in handy for our upcoming productions! It was great to get a chance to put together a movie with the UV footage that I have been filming on Koh Tao and Borneo, and I was more than pleased with the result!

On another note, Oceans Below’s own Davey Palfrey has become a BSAC Underwater Videographer Trainer and will begin teaching the Professional BSAC Underwater Video Courses and the Internships. Davey is a very talented, creative videographer with a lot of editing knowledge and we are very happy he has taken the next step! He completed film school at the impossibly named Aberystwyth University and has done a few stints working with the BBC. We are really excited to have him join our team!

Meanwhile Tenille and Tyler, both from Texas, and Gemma, who we know from Scuba Junction and Crystal Divers, joined us at the beginning of the month for the BSAC Pro video course. They are doing a great job and working on their show reels now. We can’t wait to see what they come up with. We have had 2 weeks of great conditions in spite of the waves and wind. The visibility has been outstanding and there’s been lots of cool stuff to film.

Tenille and Tyler continue their Documentary Internship on Koh Tao beginning today. In the meantime, Gemma will join me in Borneo at the beginning of next month to complete her internship there. We’ll be teaching again at Celebes Beach Resort in October- this time for 6 weeks! I can’t wait to get back to film some of their turtles and fantastic macro life!

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