Lucia Santiago

Using the Canon G9x for a stunning sunset

Fantasea FG9x promo video

Fantasea introduced the Fantasea Housing for the Canon G9x at ADEX and Oceans Below has edited a short promo video for it. Great little camera we have been trying out for a couple of weeks. Great addition to the Fantasea Line…

One of the epic Fantasea images

Fantasea Epic Showreel edited by Oceans Below

For Fantasea Line Oceans Below created this ‘best of’ with footage supplied by artists from all over the world! Fantasea Line manufactures high quality Underwater photo and video products. This is a clip of images taken by Fantasea artists world over using Fantasea compact camera systems and lighting products. Oceans Below edited the clip into an epic underwater story and even has some footage shot at Tiger Beach in there. To check out the clip, click here.

Underwater Video composition beginner techniques

Dive Photo Guide publishes article written by Elisabeth Lauwerys about UW Video composition

A couple of weeks ago, I got asked by DPG,, to write an article about the beginners techniques for Underwater Video Composition. Click to read the full article.


Tiger shark checking out the new camera

Filming at Tiger Beach Bahamas

I recently traveled to Tiger Beach, Bahamas to try out the new Sony xr100 mark IV and the Fantasea FRX100 IV housing sponsored by Fantasea Line, to capture some still images and video of the incredible tiger sharks there.

Once in the water with the tigers, there is very little time to fiddle with difficult camera settings as these impressive creatures command your undivided attention. I used an Inon UWL-H100 super wide-angle attachment, because the encounters were often very close. I was shooting with natural light and used a magic filter. It was nice to use a camera I could shoot 4K video and HD footage at 100fps with and take high resolution photos when I wanted.

For the night dive with the Tiger sharks I used my bigger Sony AX100 in a Gates housing and a lot of lumens in my video lights. You want to see what’s coming! Check out the movie here.

My week’s diving with the tiger sharks was easily one of the best experiences I have ever had in the water. I am glad I had this experience and very happy to have captured all the magical moments.

For more information on our next upcoming shark expedition, contact us by e-mail.

Fantasea radiant light

Fantasea Radiant video light Promo

Oceans Below has recently formed a partnership with Fantasea and in July they commissioned us to make two short promos for their new Underwater lights. A lot of the footage was shot with the new light, the Sony rx100 III and the Fantasea housing in Pom Pom and Koh Tao. We tested all different settings, including the UV setting, which works really well with the camera! This short Promo we made shows the features of the Radiant 2500.

Fantasea Line

PADI Divemaster promo video talents and videographers from Oceans Below at work on Koh Tao and Pom Pom Island

PADI Divemaster promo filmed by Oceans Below

In June PADI commissioned Oceans Below to film the PADI Divemaster promo video. Liz and Davey filmed and edited the life story of ex-ski jumper Axu Kokkonen who became a PADI Divemaster after he stopped with his ski jumping career. Axu, who works at Celebes Beach Resort on Pom Pom island in Sabah, Malysia, came to Koh Tao for the first part of the video. Thanks to the PADI regional manager, Gio, swimming pool and classroom sessions went great! All talents were extremely patient and did a great job. For the rest of the video, Liz went to Pom Pom and shot Axu at work. The diving is amazing over there. We managed to get great shots with turtles and Jacks. The music was composed again by our own Jahawi Bertolli. All camera work and editing by David Palfrey and Elisabeth Lauwerys. A big thank you to all involved! Check out our video…

review of Oceans Below Pro video courses

Nader Aboulhosn

Red Breasted Wrasse photographed with Sony RX100 III and Fantasea FRX100 III

Fantasea Line partnership

Oceans Below starts a new adventure with Fantasea Line Underwater Housings for the Sony x100 III and Canon G16-G7X. For now we are testing the filming capabilities of the Sony RX100 mark 3 with a big-eye wide angle lens and a red filter. I also shot some macro with a Subsee +10 and a Sola 500 lights. Check out the link to see our HD footage of this camera. We have been lucky with 20m visibility and warm waters on Koh Tao the past weeks… and on top of that sightings of many turtles, nudibranchs and flatworms.

If you want to learn how to film and edit HD or 4K underwater video, we offer 5 day to 2 week video courses for all levels.

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