Underwater video trip to Pom Pom island

Oceans Below’s Pom Pom Adventure 2014

Once again, Oceans Below moved offices for 6 weeks to the beautiful island of Pom Pom in Sabah, Borneo for some great diving. Brad and Lissie were the first students to rock up and take on our 5-day BSAC Underwater Videography course. For this course the minimum requirement is to be an Advanced certified diver.

With only 12 dives logged, Lissie proved to be an absolute natural with the camera! She filmed with our CX560 in an Aquatica housing. Her favorite topic was definitely the Green Sea Turtles. I am sure we will see a lot more underwater videos from her…

Brad used our brand spanking new Sony AX100 4k camera in a Gates housing. Being a PADI Dive Master already, he proved to have amazing buoyancy and was able to get some great underwater footage very quickly!

Crystal Divers Koh Tao’s own Gemma, who did the BSAC Professional Underwater Videographer course with me on Koh Tao, came over for 8 days to do her underwater Documentary Internship. We had amazing dives with at least 40 turtle sightings. Gemma decided to do her documentary about survival. She is in the process of finishing it as we speak.

David Strain, a Scotsman living in Australia, came over for the full 18 days to complete his BSAC Pro Underwater Video Course and Internship. We spent many days filming the many Green Turtles living around the Northern Sabah Islands in the Celebes Sea. His documentary about Green Sea Turtles turned out amazing. Watch it here.

On another note, my UV movie Wonders of Other Worlds won the Special ARI prize in the “Light” category of the Underwater Film festival, Silently, in Belgrade.

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