BSAC HD underwater videographer course on Koh Tao, Thailand

Train to become a BSAC Professional HD Underwater Videographer

2 Week BSAC Pro HD Underwater Video Training

Become an underwater videographer in Asia’s top dive destinations Koh Tao, Thailand or Pom Pom Island in Borneo. While you are staying on one of these beautiful islands, you will be trained to capture the stunning underwater world. Oceans Below will provide you with all of the skills and equipment needed to produce professional HD underwater videos. Your training will include the use of high-quality HD/4K video cameras, Gates and Aquatica Underwater Housings, and Adobe software. Join our highly experienced team of professionals for the 2-week BSAC Pro HD Underwater Video Training program.

You must be a certified BSAC Sports Diver or PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent) with 50+ logged dives. It is possible to add on the scuba training courses before the start of the Pro HD Underwater Videographer Training if you have no prior dive experience. Oceans Below can organize your dive training and accommodation.
2 week video training

Get hands-on experience in the making of top-quality underwater movies. Learn to shoot everything from the biggest fish in the world, to the smallest shrimp, using full manual camera controls for that perfect image (white balance, focus, exposure, lighting, and zoom) and edit your movies on Adobe Premiere Pro for PC and Mac.

Available Dates

The Pro HD Underwater videographer Training Course is available year-round. We only take 2 people per course to ensure that each trainee gets lots of personalized attention throughout the course. We begin a course at the start and at the middle of each month. These courses usually are booked at least a few months in advance, so make sure you check in with us prior to traveling to check the availability.

Health Requirements for underwater videographers

If you are looking to participate in this program you need to ensure that you are reasonably fit and free from any conditions that may prevent from or be a danger to you while diving. Before coming to Thailand, it is best to consult your doctor and get a signed Medical Statement.


2 Week Underwater Video Internship (only available after the 2 week BSAC Pro course)

Once you have completed your training, you will have the option to follow one, or both of the following:

1. Learning to produce souvenir videos for divers. Film and edit a movie to music telling the story of the diver’s day trip. By the end of this internship you’ll have gained all the skills and knowledge to be successfully employed in the field.
You must be a certified Dive Leader or Dive master to be able to work as an Open Water Videographer. Being a competent scuba diver is critical as you will be filming Dive Instructors with students in training and you will be expected to look after yourself underwater. It is possible to add on the BSAC Dive Leader or PADI Divemaster Training Course or even the BSAC Open Water Instructor Course or PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) before or after the Underwater Videographer Internship.

2. Documentary Film making Internship. Continue your education and skill development. Quite simply, diving and filming to produce your own short documentary. Diving away from the main student dive sites and so avoiding the crowds, spending 45 minutes filming a seahorse to get that perfect shot.

3. UV/Fluo Night Diving Internship. During this internship you will focus on making a documentary or music video with UV footage we shoot on our fluo night dives. First you will learn how to use video lights and after that we do 3 UV night dives to get enough footage to tell a story. Our UV night dives are minimum 60 minutes long.

Available Dates

The Video Internship is available year-round. You may begin any time after your 2-week Video Training Course. The length of the internship is 2 weeks. Oceans Below will give you as many opportunities as possible to gain experience.

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