Fluorescence Underwater Video Course on Koh Tao, Thailand

NEW! Fluorescence Underwater Video Course

Oceans Below offers now a unique 3- or 5-day Fluorescence Underwater Video Course. During a UV Night Dive, we descend with specialized High Intensity Blue lights and a special visor for mask and camera. This allows us to see and film marine fluorescence.


During the course you will be using a Sony CX560 camera with an Amphibico Housing with flat port and yellow barrier filter or a Sony AX100 (4k) in a Gates Housing and the “SuperBlue” blue light fluorescence lights based on the Intova Supernova.

We will teach you all the techniques needed to capture stunning close ups of corals, small crabs catching their meal, following scorpion fish on the move and fly overs of the fluorescent coral landscape. In addition we will teach you the secrets of editing this stunning footage into an awe inspiring result.

In collaboration with Koh Tao’s first company to offer Fluorescence diving, UV Dive Koh Tao, we can offer you an amazing experience discovering this parallel world…

Oceans Below’s award winning video “Visions in Blue” explains in short what UV Night diving is.

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